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Movement organizes active mobility calendar and proposes to bring international educational campaign for schools in the country


A calendar for active mobility in Brazil, September 2018


                    Since its inception in 2016, the Caminha Rio movement has been involved in various campaigns and actions of associated groups - not only those represented in the city of Rio, but also helping to disseminate them in their media.


                    When perceiving that the mobilization of some groups has increased considerably and that dates to celebrate active mobility began to integrate official calendars, they decided to organize what would initially be a mobility calendar on foot. However, noting that many cyclo-activist organizations already introduced mobility on foot in their guidelines, the Caminha Rio then opted for an active mobility calendar, also listing commemorative dates for the bicycle, such as the National Cyclist's Day (August 19) and the day of going from bicycle to work, for example.


                    "At the beginning of 2018, we promoted a simple survey showing some significant ephemerides that already existed exclusively in favor of mobility on foot and we asked that others be suggested." It was not surprising that many of the suggestions were related to dates related to the bicycle, says Thatiana Murillo, idealizer of Caminha Rio. "Even, events such as Bicicultura and Velocity were included in the calendar, which today have already opened up space for the issue of mobility on foot. "It was more sensible to include everything", she complements.


                    There were 40 responses, with most of the participants having professional activities linked to mobility (67.5%). It is important to note that the main objective of the survey promoted was a vote for the election of two significant dates for the person with disabilities. In the end, one of the pillars of Caminha Rio is the struggle for accessibility. "Since we began our movement we know people with disabilities who today do an incredible job of militancy in that sense and we believe that giving visibility to them is essential."


                    Among the suggested dates to be included in the calendar, the most voted were the National Day of Struggle of the person with disability (21/09), with more than 50% of the votes, and the Day of the person with physical disability ( 11/10) with almost 40% of the votes. It is important to emphasize that the Caminha Rio considers important all the ephemerides related to the person with disability. "It is not about valuing one date more than another, but about calling attention to the group that is currently the most penalized because of our poor investments in active mobility, which is why we also accept the suggestion to include the International Day of Rights. Human (10/12) The right to come and go, which is in the 1988 Federal Constitution, is not everyone's right.


                    The compiled calendar also listed some international dates relevant to active mobility. "We believe it was essential to include World Bicycle Day (3/06), date established by the UN in this year of 2018." Other international celebrations are also important parameters because they are wide-ranging, for example, the Jane's Walk Festival is celebrated in several countries, that's fantastic. "


                    Finally, the Walk to School Day (October) - Day of walking to school - which in no way could be left out of the calendar, inspired Caminha Rio to propose the campaign in Brazil by inviting several members of the mobility network this month of September. "Here we already have groups doing this beautiful educational work all year round, we must bring more visibility to the issue and mobilize secretariats taking actions towards the schools.


                    In the calendar of active mobility, also suggested by those who participated in the survey, we will still find dates that remember traffic victims and others that will draw attention to the group of the elderly, be the day set for them in October or World Falls Prevention Day (24/06), which is international. "Our actions for active mobility want to promote more health We can not ignore the elderly or the victims of traffic with consequences that today have their quality of life diminished in terms of not having more accessible and friendly routes for those who are not motorized. necessary to reduce deaths and accidents.


                    Caminha Rio believes that compiling a widely disseminated calendar can help the mobility network to organize collectively for upcoming events and actions starting next year. "Even because we already have alliances in several other campaigns and actions, the more people participating, the better we are going to achieve our goals."


January and February

Since 2017, the CONTRAN - National Traffic Council, through resolutions published between January and February, defines the theme and schedule of educational campaigns for traffic that are developed throughout the year.



Calzada Cilada (since 2014) - organizer: Corrida Amiga / SP

International Cyclist's Day - April 15



Mayo Amarillo (since 2014) - organizer: National Observatory of Road Safety

Jane's Walk - national and international organization

Bike to Work Day (since 2013) - 2nd Friday of the month - national organization



World Bicycle Day - June 3 was declared by the United Nations (UN) as the World Bicycle Day in 2018.

June 24 is World Fall Prevention Day, date created by the World Health Organization (WHO) and incorporated into the Calendar of the Ministry of Health to alert, especially the elderly, about the risk of falling.



Day of walking to work (since 2016) - 1st Friday of the month - organizer: Corrida Amiga / SP



International Pedestrian Day - August 8 due to the famous photo of the Beatles crossing the strip on Abbey Road, date on which the photo was taken. In some countries the day 17 is commemorated because of the first record of running over known, made in 1897 in England.

Walking Week (since 2017) - organizer: SampaPé / SP

National Cyclist's Day (since 2017) - August 19



Mobility Week - organizers: Corrida Amiga / Bike Anjo / Desvelocidades

National Day of Fight of the person with disability - September 21

World Day without a Car - September 22

National Traffic Week - September 18 to 25

Municipal Pedestrian Week in Rio (since 2017) - September 24 to 30



Walk to School Day - campaign carried out by several countries in October to promote active mobility in schools. In Brazil the campaign was launched this year of 2018 by Caminha Rio.

Elder's Day - October 1

Day of the person with physical disability - October 11



The United Nations (UN) celebrates the World Day of Remembrance in the third Sunday of the month.



International Day of the Person with Disability - December 3

International Human Rights Day - December 10




Events and campaigns without a fixed date



Calzadas de Brasil - portal Mobilize (in 2018 in the second edition)

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